YO!Play Group

Unleash Your Playful Spirit 

Whether you’re already waving the play flag or just starting to think a little more play might be a good idea, we’re all in the same boat. We’re gorgeously playful souls that have had at least some part of our Playground paved over and replaced with a Proving Ground and Battlefield. Restoring the Playground and unleashing our playful true nature isn’t always easy. It takes not just one, but many leaps. It takes safety and permission. And it takes ridiculously inspiring playmates.

This virtually instigated play group is an intimate tribe of playmates committed to unleashing our playful spirits, celebrating everything, laughing at ourselves, and leaping onto the playground over and over again together. Wheeee!

While the groups are virtual, they are designed to get you off the computer and spark and sustain play in your life exactly where you are.

Explore the Seven Paths to Play

Play by Delight

Follow your Compass of Joy moment to moment.


Play by Design

Design your life to include playtime.


Play on Purpose

Turn chores and hard work into play.


Play on Demand

Install play in your kingdom so it’s never far away.


Play by Disruption

Stir things up and delight in the unexpected.


Play by Invitation

Deepen bonds and add juice to your relationships.


Play in d’Mystery

Discover an enchanted universe that’s ready to play.


You get:

  • A weekly, 90 min. live play jam on ZOOM to Play
  • A weekly play challenge related to the PATH
  • A buddy pairing to support you in having fun with the weekly play challenge
  • An online forum for asking questions and sharing inspiration

What playmates are saying…

I got more out of this group than any other group I’ve been in because it was so interactive. You gave amazing content, we were constantly doing stuff and we had a buddy that was checking in on us. That action and accountability is what we needed. I am so much more playful in my life now.

Gary Ware

Chief Strategy Officer, Tower 33Digital

I had a lot of insight about play and how it comes and goes and how, if I’m not paying attention to it. It’s been such a great experience. I would LOVE to continue it.

Susan Espinoza

Intuitive Advisor/Author

I really had fun playing. When left on my own I don’t get a lot of play. I can’t tell you how much I loved the group and enjoyed having a playmate.


Lynn Greenberg


Not sure if it’s a fit? Just interested in learning more? Send Gwen a note. She’d love to hear from you.

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