Explore the Seven Paths to Play

Join an intimate gang of kindred seekers for an eight-week romp to unleash your playful spirit, and shift from the Proving Ground to the Playground. Explore a different path each week, tune up your compass of joy, and practice saying “YES!” to life. Transformation doesn’t have to be serious or heavy. Let’s wake up laughing, together! While the meetings are virtual, they are designed to get you off the computer and spark and sustain play in your life exactly where you are.


  • Oodles of practical support and tools for switching delight on!
  • A deep appreciation for the benefits of play
  • A joyful, transformational community
  • Practices for broadening and deepening your Playground
  • The chance to just let loose, lighten up, and laugh at yourself


Early Bird Special Ends September 21

$425.00 Now $375.00 

Playgroups are limited to twelve playmates! 



Week 1 – Welcome & Opening

Set the stage for a wondrous adventure.


Week 2 – Play by Delight

Follow your Compass of Joy moment to moment.


Week 3 – Play by Design

Design your life to include playtime.


Week 4 – Play on DEMAND

Install play in your kingdom so it’s never far away.


Week 5 – Play on PURPOSe

Turn chores and hard work into play.


Week 6 – Play by Disruption

Stir things up and delight in the unexpected.


Week 7 – Play by Invitation

Deepen bonds and add juice to your relationships.


Week 8 – Play with Da Mystery

Discover an enchanted, playful universe.


What to Expect:

  • An intimate group of 12 committed playmates
  • A weekly, 90 min. live call on ZOOM
  • Weekly play challenges and Exercises for the Path of the week
  • A buddy pairing to give you a playmate for the week
  • A private Facebook group to share questions, exchange inspiration, and celebrate success!

What playmates are saying…

I got more out of this group than any other group I’ve been in because it was so interactive. You gave amazing content, we were constantly doing stuff and we had a buddy that was checking in on us. That action and accountability is what we needed. I am so much more playful in my life now.

Gary Ware

Chief Strategy Officer, Tower 33Digital

I had a lot of insight about play and how it comes and goes and how, if I’m not paying attention to it, I forget it do it. It’s been such a great experience. I would LOVE to continue it.

Susan Espinosa

Intuitive Advisor/Author

I really had fun playing. When left on my own I don’t get a lot of play. I can’t tell you how much I loved the group and enjoyed having a playmate.

Lynn Greenberg


I want to say thanks again to Gwen, your vast knowledge and delightful dimples are really inspirational and the group being very intimate and vulnerable and connected so quickly is a powerful force. I feel like it was my summer camp. And I’m not going to cry that this is ending cuz I’m trusting that this is just the beginning of something else.

Kirsten Anderson

Principal, Integrate Play Solutions

For me this has been fantastic. I was a bit unsure about this kind of a format, but it has been really, really lovely and I just think Gwen is awesome. What I appreciate so much is how she holds everything, the whole meta level right down to the deepest parts within ourselves. That is sacred to me.

Susan Coughlan

Coach & Consultant

I’m grateful for the openings. Each week has a bit of a new idea, like slowly unfolding the petals of a flower. Each week we get more insight for how to change our lives. I really appreciate the thought and the research that Gwen put into it and all the various ideas I got from my buddies and everybody’s input. Thank you!

Kelsey Liber



Early bird special ends september 21st

$425.00 Now $375.00

Playgroups are limited to twelve playmates!

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