The Wonderful W is a story of transformation told and illustrated as a fairytale for adults. Seussian rhyme and quirky illustrations take us on a journey into our holiest holes to discover the wholeness that resides within us.
Princess Willa has everything, but instead of enjoying her bountiful riches she only laments what’s wrong, bad, and missing. Until one morning she tries to wake up but only _akes up instead because, to her horror, the letter W is missing. This W deficit is a very big problem.

People aren’t well, only _ell, which is too close to ill and when wonder goes _onder they feel even _orse still. But that’s only half the problem. What had once been a great seamless whole, without the Wonderful W is riddled with _holes. There are holes in the ground and holes in the sky, but the _orst of the holes are the ones deep inside. Princess _illa is at the end of her _its. Until one day, terrified but determined, she does the one thing left to do…and that’s when the magic begins.







“Gwen Gordon offers us a gem—sparkling with fun, and the light of truth. Please treat yourself to this delightful book!”

TARA BRACH, #1 NYTimes bestselling author of Radical Acceptance


“Disguised as a children’s book, The Wonderful W enthralls and delights while it delivers transformational wisdom…a true treasure!”

MARCI SHIMOFF, #1 NYTimes bestselling author of Happy For No Reason


“What an important message Gwen Gordon offers us in such delectable terms. The Wonderful W is really stunning!”

SYLVIA BOORSTEIN, National bestselling author of It’s Easier Than You Think

In The Wonderful W, Gwen Gordon takes readers on a wonderful journey to discover one of the central tenets of spiritual awakening and psychological well-being. The children’s book format delivers timeless wisdom in a way that thoroughly disarms and delights.  

John Welwood PhD., bestselling author of The Psychology of Awakening

I love this book. In her playful, whimsical book, Gwen Gordon addresses a major disease of our culture. Thank you, Gwen for magically showing us the way to transform our disconnection and emptiness into wholeness, gratitude, and joy.

James Baraz, author of Awakening Joy

Delightful, _onderful, and _ise! A playful and profound pointer that will touch your heart.  

John Prendergast PhD., author of In Touch

Oh my gosh, how I love your book. It’s fun and beautiful and clever and wise! I was so charmed by the illustrations and moved by the words, I kept thinking, ‘The world needs this! Especially now!’

Judy Clement Hall, author of The Book of Awesome

Gwen Gordon’s new book delightfully dances readers toward a life of magical full engagement. She pulls it off in a way that’s playful, accessible, deep, quirky, and uplifting…just like Gwen herself!

Raphael Cushnir, author of Surfing Your Inner Sea

The Wonderful W is destined to become a classic for children and adults alike. Teeming with Wonder, Wisdom and Wit, its pages delight while its rhythms ignite. The book woos us into the heart of what it means to be fully alive. Gwen Gordon has created a rollicking, rhyming, revelatory pathway to reclaim our wholeness again.

Kim Rosen, author of Saved by a Poem

You have filled my heart with delight and mind with inspiration. You’ve succeeded in describing one of the most difficult tasks in the human journey in a way that makes it feel reachable.

Faisal Muqaddam, founder of The Diamond Logos Approach

In The Wonderful W, Gwen Gordon expertly employs the children’s book genre to explore the illusory nature of desire and the radical act of self-acceptance. 

James Redford, filmmaker

The Wonderful W is Wonderful indeed. While disguised as a playful children’s book with rhyming words and charming illustrations, the story presents a powerful teaching on how to heal from our innermost wounds. I recommend it highly for people of all ages. 

Nina Wise, performance artist, teacher, and author My Big, Happy, Unusual Life

With wit and whimsy, Gwen helps us befriend one of the most challenging tasks of the spiritual journey. Her light-hearted, playful tone reminds us to turn towards our fears and in doing so, discover our wholeness. 

Debra Chamberlin-Taylor, dharma teacher, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

What a beautiful book. I love it.

Jane Hirshfield, Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets

The Wonderful W conveys the luminosity of spirit that comes to those of us courageous enough to  leap into the unknown.  Gwen takes readers of any age on a journey to discover their resource of joy.

Stuart Brown MD, NYT bestselling author of Play: How it shapes the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the Soul

Gwen Gordon has taken one of the foundational keys to a fulfilling life and given it a playful twist filled with delight and humor. This is a classic that will have a lasting impact for generations to come and should be given out at every graduation ceremoy. I smiled through the whole book.  

Rick Tamlyn, author of The Bigger Game

Gwen Gordon has added magnificently to an emerging genre of children’s books for grownups. With great charm, The Wonderful W cunningly reinvents the perennial teaching about how we often lose and how we might ultimately redeem the self. So simple! It’s a winner!

Jean-Pierre Weil, bestselling author of The Well of Being

The Wonderful W is a superb psycho-spiritual text that is well written, beats in all the right places, very good art work, and hit the right note of being familiar (Suess-ish) and fresh at the same time.  I predict really big things for this book.

Jonathan Gustin, Director of The Purpose Guide Institute

Gwen Gordon has created a magical book that speaks directly to the heart! What passes for a children’s story is actually a wise teaching tale. The Wonderful W provides a road map for emotional spiritual enlightenment at any age.

Terry Marks-Tarlow, author and editor of Play, Creativity, and Psychotherapy

Gwen Gordon has filled a hole, making my inner child smile while providing insights into every human journey. I can just see grownups sitting down for story time while a coach reads them The Wonderful W, then having powerful conversations about their holes. Read this fun book and then go find your hole and jump in!

Henry Kimsey-House, co-founder of Co-Active Training Institute and co-author of Co-Active Coaching

A contemporary fairy tale, The Wonderful W is for anyone interested in the secret of psycho-spiritual transformation! You will be cooing with delight and recognition as you turn the pages of this charming book.

Anna Douglas, dharma teacher and co-founder Spirit Rock Meditation Center

This is absolutely fabulous!!! I love it, adore it, want to share it with my grandchildren, their parents, and everyone else I know. Wonderful! Wowser! Well Done! 

 Molly Brown, co-author with Joanna Macy, Coming Back to Life

The Wonderful W is an amazing, enchanting journey through the awakening process. Written for children of all ages, it will capture your imagination and inspire you to your highest self. Gwen presents profound, universal truths in such a playful and magical way that you will not be able to resist going along for the ride. Buckle up and soar. I recommend it with my Whole heart.

Amy Elizabeth Fox, Chief Executive Officer, Mobius Executive Leadership