A Two-Hour Interactive Presentation

In the first hour of this two-hour presentation, Gwen provides her Power of Play presentation. Then the fun begins. For the second hour, your group will dive into the sandbox as Gwen leads them in play activities that stretch your group and give them a direct and irresistible taste of the power of play. You’ll leave with clear steps you can bring to your business the next day and the energy and enthusiasm to do it.


A Three-Hour Workshop

Building on the two-hour presentation, this extended version allows your group to go even deeper into creating a culture of play together. It’s perfect for an intact team that wants to establish new patterns for playing together. The workshop will explore what makes play space possible, some of the most common blocks, and ways to play with those blocks.


A Six-Session Course

In this extended course, Gwen trains your group in the core capacities, skills, and principles needed to create a dynamic culture of play. A mash-up of mindfulness training, theater improvisation, design thinking, and original exercises, the course enables your company to generate and sustain their own authentic play culture. By the end, your people will be hooked on the value of a playful culture and know how they can generate their own continually evolving playground.


An Off-Site

In this half-day offsite, Gwen creates a safe environment for your team to try new things, take bigger risks, fail brilliantly, and learn together so they can play nicely, and productively together. Gwen will customize this training for your specific, unique needs.


Contact Gwen for more information. She’d love to hear from you!