Support for staying on the Playground

You’ve completed The Seven Paths to Play Group but darn it if you aren’t still continually slipping into Proving and Battling.  Restoring, nourishing, and expanding your Playground is a lifelong journey. The only game in town. And It’s easier, better, and a whole lot more fun to take it with a band of kindred, meaningful mischief-makers. So let’s keep romping, learning, and awakening our playful true nature together.

Here are a few ways to stay connected and continue to receive individual and group support for getting off the Proving Ground & Battleground and back onto the Playground. 

the Playground

  • This is your space to connect, get support and play!
  • Get support from Gwen & your playmates for staying on the Playground
  • Explore new and familiar themes from The Paths to Play
  • Share inspiration, challenges, victories, and questions

$100.00 / Month

Sart with a Free trial month

You will be charged after that unless you cancel

Playground Bundle

  • Include two individual coaching sessions/mo. with Gwen 
  • Includes the weekly Playground coaching circle.
  • In depth focused attention on making play a priority and weekly support for breaking the habits that keep you battling & proving

$350.00 / Month
(Best Deal EVER)

$400/month Value           You save $50/month


  • Regular focused, personal attention for getting to the roots of your proving & battling habits
  • Guidance for identifying your blocks to play and learning how to hold or play with them.
  • Support for widening & deepening your playground
  • Two, 1 hour sessions/mo.

$900.00 / 3 Months

Or create your custom package with Gwen