The Wonderful W


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The Wonderful W is a delightful story of transformation told and illustrated as a fairytale for adults. Through Seussian rhymes and quirky illustrations, it describes the journey into our holiest holes to discover the wholeness that resides within us.

Princess Willa has everything, but instead of enjoying her bountiful riches she only laments what’s wrong, bad, and missing. Until one morning she tries to wake up but only _akes up instead because, to her horror, the letter W is missing. This W deficit is a very big problem. People aren’t well, only _ell, which is too close to ill and when wonder goes _onder they feel even _orse still. But that’s only half the problem. What had once been a great seamless whole, without the Wonderful W is riddled with _holes. There are holes in the ground and holes in the sky, but the _orst of the holes are the ones deep inside. Princess _illa is at the end of her _its. Until one day, terrified but determined, she does the one thing left to do…and that’s when the magic begins.

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