A global community of playmates, lovers of life, makers of mischief, and instigators of a more loving, playful planet

Get inspired, inspire others, find playmates near you, and connect to a global network of love activists committing Random Acts of Play (RAPs).


  • Make Love Bomb: Create beautiful love letters and leave them anonymously in public places where the right person will open it and feel love and joy explode in their heart. BOOM!
  • Offer Free Hugs: Take your “FREE HUG” sign to a busy street corner and make the world more loving, one hug at a time.
  • Take a Dance Break: Set the alarm for every hour during your work day. When it goes off, stop what you’re doing, flip on a tune, and dance like a maniac. Then back to work.
  • Blow Stealth Bubbles: Bring soap bubbles with you when you leave the house and secretly blow bubbles at opportune moments throughout the day.

We will provide monthly themes and regular sparks to keep the play alive.