A few weeks ago, I went to a Halloween party that had a fortune telling booth. The fortune teller wasn’t feeling well and needed a backup, so I volunteered, tied a topknot on my head scarf, stuck a feather in it for better reception, and gathered everyone around the crystal ball. 

A few dramatic “OOOooohms” later (to open my third eye), and with no idea what I was going to say or do, I looked into the big brown eyes of the first child in line, an eight year-old Spiderman, and asked, “What do you want more than anything?” He thought for a moment, “I want to play basketball better.”
      “What experience would playing basketball better give you?” I asked.
      “Fun,” he answered.
That’s when inspiration struck. “Let’s see if we can find that feeling of fun right now…because it’s right here!” I said, pointing to his heart. He stared back blankly, but I kept selling it. “You can have the feeling of fun anytime. Just think about fun and see how it feels inside you!”
He blinked and waited a few seconds. “Is that all?”
      “That’s all you need to know!” I chirped, feeling fun bubbling inside my heart. He shrugged and walked away.

I would not be deterred. In fact, I was just warming up.

Next in line stood a twelve year-old Wonder Woman. I asked her what she wanted more than anything. “I want everyone to know the truth,” she answered. (Holy cow! Kids these days!)
      “If everyone knew the truth, what would you experience?”  
      “Openness and freedom.”
      “Cool!” Then I pointed to her heart and asked, “Can you feel openness and freedom right here and now? Because that’s the truth you can know.” She closed her eyes and when she opened them again, she was beaming. “Yes! I’m open and free!”

This was getting good! 

I continued to move through the line, telling each child the news of their good fortune – that the experience that underlies every wish they have for the future, is available right here and now. Some left beaming while others just stood there waiting for something better before giving up and walking away.

Finally, the last child, a no-nonsense three year-old in a glittery, blue Elsa gown stood across from me.
     I asked, “What do you want?”
     She pouted, “I want Elsa dreams. No snake dreams.”
     “Yeah,” I affirmed, “Elsa is much nicer than snakes! How do you feel when you have Elsa dreams?” She nodded tentatively.
     “Good?” Another shy nod. 
     “Think of beautiful Elsa. Can you feel that good feeling? Like she’s with you right now?” Long pause. Slow nod.
     “How does that feel?” 
     “I wonder, is Elsa stronger than snakes?”
     “So, can the snakes hurt you when you know Elsa is with you?” Slowly her head shook, no.
     “Does that feel good? She looked me straight in the eye and nodded with confidence.
We stood together in Elsa’s power and glory without worrying about the snakes for a moment. Then she ran off to play.

I went home feeling pretty high on the great, good fortune brimming in every moment and grateful for the opportunity to remind myself and everyone under thirteen that Now is the future we’ve been waiting.