Dream Work For Turbulent Times


Every night we receive precious gifts from the dream world exquisitely scripted to move us toward health and wholeness. When we ignore these gifts, their treasures remain hidden and we miss the insights, guidance and the nourishing relationship to the mystery they bring us. In times of uncertainty, we need these resources more than ever. Join Gwen and an intimate group of fellow dreamers to unravel their mysteries and tap into their wisdom.



Dream Groups & Workshops

Introduction to DreamWork

Sunday, November 6

12:00pm – 2:00pm PT

This introduction to dreamwork provides a lens for appreciating the profound gifts of individual and collective healing and evolution that dreamwork offers and a framework for approaching their mysteries. This workshop is required for In Your Dream groups


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Dream Groups – 2022 & 2023

Join an intimate group of dreamers for a seven week journey to unravel the mysteries of your dreams and tap into their exquisite wisdom. An introduction to Dream Work workshop is required to join.

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Is a powerful dream trying to tell you something? Do you want to know why you’re having a recurring dream? Are you facing a transition, difficult decision, or challenges that would benefit from your own deepest guidance? Private dreams sessions are powerful source of support. A link to schedule your session will be emailed to you upon purchase.

Lets explore a dream!

One 90 min. Session


Three 90 min. Sessions


What dreamers are saying

Gwen helps me see with clarity, through the gift of a dream, how my leadership is evolving. Our work together supports me in navigating big questions about where to focus my energy and why, plus how to embody a more grounded, expansive way of being. Her wisdom, deep and wide expertise, grace, and compassion never fail to cause a positive shift within me. I’m a more conscious human, and therefore a more conscious leader, because of dream work with Gwen.
Cyndi G.

Leadership Coach

I view Gwen as a renaissance woman. Her choice to teach dreams gathers her talents, her skill, and heart into an experience that dives deeply yet gently into our subconscious. If soul recovery and self-understanding are of interest, then join her in her inviting dance with the Mystery. The “Ahas” coming your way are well worth the commitment.

Sandy S.

Psychologist and Poet

Gwen’s approach to dreamers is deeply engaging and creative.  She is exquisitely brilliant in how she brings symbolism and archetypal knowledge forward.  She guides us down an enchanted road to our unconscious with surprising plot lines that lead into a spacious future.  No one could possibly regret the hours spent on this deep dive with Gwen, who makes safe space for all group members to reflect on something extraordinarily new about themselves

Lucy F.

Psychologist and Executive Coach