Photograph of Jenny Hunter Groat taken by Peter Groat

From the cover of My Big, New, Happy, Free, Unusual Life by Nina Wise


“There is nothing more seriously connected to our deepest longing than is our play.”



Are you perpetually striving to do, be, and have enough?  Is the struggle exhausting your body, hurting your relationships, and crushing your joy?  If so, welcome to the Proving Ground – a mindset based on a giant lie and a nasty scam. The lie is that there’s something wrong, bad, or missing in you and the scam is that if you can just fix, hide, or compensate for it, you will be happy. But, no matter what you do, it’s never enough and all your efforts to prove your way free, just keep you on the Proving Ground. The freedom and fullness you’re longing for can only be found on the Playground!


When there’s nothing to prove or improve, life becomes play.


Chances are you’ve spent some time on the Playground already. You might have dissolved into it at a meditation retreat, tripped into it on psychedelics, or dived into it in a state of flow. Most of us catch a glimpse of it when we’re playing. All that relentless self-monitoring falls away, the incessant mind chatter finally shuts up, and for one blissful moment you’re free! The love, joy, openness, and spontaneity of your true nature can finally unfurl and blossom!




Free Range Coaching supports your shift from Proving to Playing in every area of your life. It is a path of transformation and healing, anchored in the body, held in open-hearted awareness, and guided with deep compassion. It incorporates insights from the study of developmental and acute trauma healing, attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, subtle energy medicine, Buddhism, mindfulness, and improvisational play. The process attunes to your system, meeting you exactly where you are and inviting every part of you to be felt and known.



Who would you be if you had nothing to prove?

What possibilities for love and joy would blossom?

Shifting to the Playground comes with the recognition that there has never been anything wrong, bad, or missing. Within you, other people or the world. Period. You already are and have everything you’re longing for! The possibility of living life on the Playground is not a childish fantasy nor an escape from the responsibilities of adulthood. It’s an expression of maturity and the foundation for a wise, creative, and loving life.

With over twenty years experience training coaches, healing trauma, and facilitating transformational playgroups for adults, there is nothing I care about more nor am better equipped to do than support you in your journey from the Proving Ground to the Playground. 

If you’ve outgrown conventional notions of success and have a sincere appetite for transformation and healing, I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU!




  • Anybody on a conscious developmental (a.k.a evolutionary or spiritual) path
  • Therapists, coaches, facilitators, activists, and healers interested in expanding their toolkits
  • Leaders ready to serve at the deepest level for the greatest good
  • Older adults ready to become conscious elders
  • Creative professionals who have lost the joy of creating 


  • You’re sick of that harsh voice in your head telling you you’re wrong, bad, and never enough
  • You’re a workshop junkie and are beginning to realize that there are no silver bullets
  • Achievement has lost its luster, you know there’s more to life, but you’re not sure exactly how to get it
  • You’re in a transition and need a good compass to keep you aligned with your deepest values and purpose
  • You’ve been serious about transformation and healing your whole life…too serious


Receive Gwen’s undivided attention in playful, transformative sessions that tap into the Playground and uproot the core fears, beliefs, and sense of deficiency that hold you captive on the Proving Ground. Sessions are available in person and on Zoom. 



Enjoy Gwen’s guidance, the intimacy of a small group, and the support of a consistent connection to the Playground mindset. Use the circle to address issues that keep you on the Proving Ground, maintain and tweak your Playground practices, and receive open-hearted feedback with kindred spirits.


6 hours

  • 6 hours of coaching
  • Recordings of each call to help you embody your learning
  • E-mail support for some quick in-the-moment boosts



9 hours

  • 9 hours of coaching
  • Recordings of each call to help you embody your learning
  • E-mail support for some quick in-the-moment boosts


Free Range


  • Weekly, 90 min. ZOOM meetings
  • Tuesdays at 10am Pacific Time
  • for 12 weeks
  • Limited to 10 participants


Let’s see if it’s a fit!


“Gwen takes you where you are and can work on many different levels – personal, spiritual & professional. Whatever my block, she always has just the right process. I am much more on track now, but am not ready to give up her insights just yet!”

T. Nash

Ph.D Student

“Working with Gwen is a delight and has helped me develop greater playful presence and sense of freedom in my life. I would recommend her to anyone interested in developing those qualities!”

Y. Amram

Former CEO

“I love working with Gwen. She’s compassionate, insightful, and she makes me laugh when I’m taking myself too seriously. She’s had a big impact by being gently persistent with me on the issues that I do/but I don’t really want to work on.”

A. Peters

Program Director

A little more about Gwen

Gwen is a Swiss Army knife for transformation. She embodies the wisdom of a recovering Prove-a-holic who has been clearing the path to the Playground for herself and others for over 30 years. She received her training at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) then co-designed and led CTI’s mastery level coaching course. Gwen received a masters degree in philosophy and religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and has been a dedicated meditation practitioner and student of the Diamond Approach for over 20 years Gwen has trained with Peter Levine in the Somatic Experiencing method for trauma healing. She is a a facilitator of The Work that Reconnects, Joanna Macy and has done extensive retreat practice in Zen, Theravadan and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions. Gwen is also trained in the Luminous Awareness subtle energy healing approach.

Having been ripened and tenderized by breakthroughs of all kinds along the way, Gwen sees the divine, adorable, majestic, hilarious playmate in you and she loves you already. She respects your strategies for avoiding the playground but doesn’t take them too seriously. She’s sharpened a wide range of well-honed tools, keen insight, and deep intuition to support you on your journey…without losing your sense of humor.