Articles & Publications

Integrating Conceptual Divisions Within
and Between the Studies of Play and Well-being

The Handbook of the Study of Play,
edited by J. E. Johnson, S. G. Eberle, T. Henricks, D. Kuschner


Well Played: the Origins and Future of Playfulness

The American Journal of Play, volume 6, number 2, The Strong


What is Play?: Toward a universal definition

Play and Culture Studies, Vol 8, Spring ’08.


Integral Play: An Exploration of the Playground
and the
Evolution of the Player

AQAL Journal, the Journal of the
Integral Institute, Fall ’07.


Born to Play

Offerings Magazine, Fall ’07.


Are We Having Fun Yet? An Integral Exploration of the
Power of Play

Journal for Humanistic Psychology, Vol.47, No. 2, April ’07.


Free Fall: Living Life as Play

Tricycle Magazine, Summer ’04.


The Evolutionary Power of Play: Gwen Gordon and Brian Swimme in Dialogue

Earthlight Magazine, Spring ’03 Issue 48 Vol. 13 No. 3


Play: The Movement of Love

Earthlight Magazine, Spring ’03 Issue 48 Vol. 13 No. 3
Earthlight: Spiritual wisdom for an Ecological Age,
edited by Cindy Spring and Anthony Manousos


A Feeling for the Whole

What Does God Look Like in an Expanding Universe?
Edited by Jim Schenk, ImagoEarthPublishing, ‘06.


Technology & the Muse: The Erotic Life of Electricity and Water

ReVision: A Journal of Consciousness and Transformation
Spring 2002, Volume 24, Number 4


On Huffington Post

Restoring the Playground

How Play Can Save the World

Playing Our Way to Wisdom


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