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    began a life of play designing and building Muppets for Sesame

Street. Since leaving the "street," she has found countless ways to make
transformation delightful. As a coach, producer, and consultant, Gwen
sparks and guides people to widen and deepen their playgrounds toward lives of
artful play. She is a pioneer in the field of transpersonal play, drawing from an eclectic background that includes the MIT Media Lab, Xerox PARC, IDEO, and a Masters degree in Philosophy and Religion. Gwen has also published widely on the subject and is currently producing the creative documentary SERIOUSLY! The future depends on play.

Recent projects include the Course , for The Story of Stuff, the official Study Guide for the popular film, What the Bleep
Do We Know?! and the screening kit for the film, THRIVE. Gwen was the creative director for a PBS pilot that won 5 Emmy Awards and served as a lead designer at IDEO creating a training for 50,000 TSA Security Officers to improve the experience at airports. She is currently laundhing a transmedia organization to spark and nourish a play movement, accompanied always by Macy the Mexican MalaMutt and Garbanzo, the Fearless WonderPugg.

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